Deadly Earnest
in Sydney

Last revised: August 05, 2011.

IAN BANNERMAN played the the role of Deadly Earnest on TEN-10, as the "Dead-Pan Ghoulie". Ian also released a record "Rave In Peace".


Steve writes:

Ian Bannerman in Sydney wore short hair, with sidies I think, and black horn-rims and looked like an undead 'mod' with a blackly delineated cleft in his chin.

The opening credits for the shows I saw had Deadly and another party careering around the corridors (of TEN10, I assume) carrying a casket between them. I don't know the name of the musical piece that accompanied the opening, though I could hum it in a second, and it used to turn up on ads for stock-car racing and so on for years after. It was probably a piece of orchestral 'stock'.

On the LP, his support band was called "The Grave Situation". The painted cover art showed Deadly and three other 'performers': Dracula, Frankenstein, and a werewolf. A schoolmate had it and we used to sit around playing it on one of those tiny portable turntables belonging to another mate's sister.

The songs included,
"Sunnyside Up Crematorium Blues", "Screaming Mimi's Death-O-Teque" and a song about Jack The Ripper with lyrics like

"His name's Jack, and he hacks and he hacks, (Hacks, and Hacks),
His name's Jack and he hacks in the Backs, (Hacks and Hacks),
Hacks In The Back Streets Of Foggy London Townnn ....."

Yes I know it's tragic that memory cells in the head of a 42-year-old should still be taken up with this stuff, but being monster-oriented, this LP was COOL, and we played it a LOT.  So I became quite brainwashed....

Which twin has the Tony ?

The Insider remembers that in the mid 70s, Ian worked at the ABC in Gore Hill as a Program Assessor :-

"... still thin as a stick, smoked like a chimney, and drank like a fish - but with a wicked sense of humour ! "

"...he was one of the most funny and colourful characters working at Auntie back in those days, and there were many colourful characters back then.

"... Ian's failing health, due in most part to the grog ... hearing some years later that he had passed away after a slow decline in his health. "


Aweful YouTube :-

Deadly meets Barry Crocker


Further Reading :-


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