Deadly Earnest
Brisbane - Shane Porteous

Last revised: July 01, 2011.

Shane Porteus as Deadly Earnest

SHANE PORTEOUS brought Deadly Earnest to the tropics.

Yes, this is the same gentleman who starred in the long running soapie "
A Country Practice", as Doctor Elliot.

And you thought he was such a nice doctor,
but just like Dr Jekyll, he could turn into a Mr Hyde !

In more recent times, Shane kept the Deadly tradition alive, by killing off characters behind the scenes in Neighbours...

(Art imitating Art... You can tell I don't do this for a living , huh ?)

In an interview with, Shane reminisced:

"For a start we had a budget of zero. The only set/prop I can remember having was the coffin I emerged from. And occasionally the studio grand piano on which the late great Wilbur Kentwell would play a few spooky chords or a spoof of a popular song. Channel 0 Brisbane couldn’t afford the time to show me the movie I was hosting beforehand and often I didn’t even have a one-line synopsis to base an intro on. And I never once saw the show back to air because I was performing in theatre restaurant on Friday nights...

... we also did a few send-ups of other shows that were popular at the time, like The Dean Martin Show was very popular, and his theme song was “Everybody Needs To Love Somebody Sometime.” ... so Deadly Earnest’s introduction for that night was :-

“Everybody loves a body sometime.
Everybody loves a corpse somehow.
Your blood may be well worth bottling,
but I’d rather drink it now…”

After Shane decided to move to Sydney, he handed over the hosting role to
Professor Macabre played by the late John Dommett.

Paul E. advises that there is a WaxWork of Shane's Deadly at the Gold Coast Wax Museum (WOW - they have 2 different Deadlies !)

YOU are in the region of the Gold Coast Wax Museum,
please, please please, send me a pic of Waxy Deadly.

My thanks to Paul for providing me with these pics of Shane as Deadly Earnest.


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